Membership Terms

• Membership in one of the chambers in the Syrian Arab Republic from the class (excellent - first - second)

• To have a good standing and be at a good level of vocational knowledge to enable him or her to develop the activities of the board.

• To be intent on achieving the boards objectives.

• The Board of Directors determines the annual subscription fee for members, of at least 20,000 twenty thousand Syrian pounds or its equivalent in foreign currency.

• The General Authority consists of 60 members.

• Applications for membership are submitted to the Board of Directors who will decide on each application within a period not exceeding three weeks, and rights and obligations equally apply to new members and former members.

• Revoking membership is made by a decision of the Board of Directors in the case of non compliance with all or some of the conditions of membership, dissolution or expiry of or accession or merger, non-payment of fees for two years, or a fundamental violation of the Statute of the Board.

• Revoked membership cancels a members right to all fees previously paid to the board.

• A person with a revoked membership may return to membership one year after the date of the cancellation of membership, provided that he or she at least meets the requirements for membership, and to fulfill the obligations owed to the board for the duration of the previous membership.