Adra Industrial city

General information about Adra industrial city:

Adra industrial city located in Damascus countryside , populated with 6 million person , sited in the eastern north of Damascus city far about 53 km from it. The city area is about 7000 hectares, consists of two parts each one is 3500 hectares. The first one consists of 5450 industrial parts, and including all kinds of industrial (textile – engineering – chemical- nourishing).

The parts areas began from /150/m2 until /200000/ m2 executing on 6 stages.

What are the reasons that make Adra industrial city has a distinct investment climate:

- the city supplies the served lands with infrastructures and make it ready to set up factories and establishments , that leading to save time and efforts which are important for these services.

- The city sales lands for the investors, the cost will be divided into 10 installments for five years.

- Adopt the principal of (one stop shop) to facilitate the administrative procedures, which making (water electricity- telephone – insurance) Available to the investors. The investor must call for the city administration.

- the city granting the decision of including on investment resolution no .8 and the decision on industrial subscription. Within 48 hours.

electricity cost equals 30% less than outside the city.

- The cost of executive sketches study for building licenses equals 50% less than outside the city.

- The plan for building in the city leads to exploit lands on vast scales from the city outside.

- Environment safety, reduce the harm effects on the green areas, and preventing random spread of industries.

- Various and great work chances availability which leads to unemployment striving.

- the construction cost in the city is less than outside it by 30% through discharge the investors from distribution in electricity network, power plants, and the projects resolution no.8.