China Guide / Getting a Visa

Business visas

If you want a business visa, you need to bring an invitation letter/fax from a Chinese governmental department or government-authorized company.

For a multiple-entry visa, the invitation letter must be original. A single or double-entry visa is usually valid for entry within three months from the date of issue. Multi-entry visas are normally valid for six months and only issued according to official invitation letters for business visitors.

Types of business visa:

Single entry visa: valid for three months from issue.

Double entry visa: only valid for three months after issue, and the two visits have to made within three months.

Six month multiple entry visa: to get one you have to have been to China before and be able to provide a photocopy of your last visa from your passport. Multiple entry visas are valid for six months from when they are issued.

Extending your visa: To extend your visa, head to the foreign affairs section of the local Public Security Bureau. The cost varies, but expect to pay around Yn250 (about £20).