Business in China / Exporting to China

The authorities in charge of imports and exports in China include: “Ministry of Commerce” (MOFCOM), “General Administration of Customs”, “State Administration of Foreign Exchange”, “State Exit and Entrance Inspection and Quarantine Bureau” and the “Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine”.

MOFCOM determines lists of goods and technologies subject to export prohibition. Goods whose exported is restricted on quantity are subject to a quota system and some others can only be exported if a license is obtained.

China prohibits and restricts the export of certain goods and technologies on grounds of public policy in order to comply with international treaties and agreements.

Goods reserved for state trading include: Crude Oil, Processed Oil, Corn, Rice, Coal, Cotton, Silver and Silk.

Goods reserved for trading only designated traders include Tea (Green Tea, Oolong Tea) and certain Cut Steel Sheets.

The annual export amount of the commodities subject to passive quota management will be decided by the two countries each year in accordance with any bilateral agreement between both countries.