Business in China / Investment Zones

Different types of IZ

There are many different types of IZ which were set up at different times after the opening up of China. These different types of IZ include:

Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

Open Cities (OCs)-Economic and Technological

Development Zones (ETDZs)

Hi-tech Development Zones (HTDZs)

Free-Trade Zones (FTZs)

Export Processing Zones (EPZs)

Free-Trade Zones There are 15 FTZs established in China and these areas are also known as ; 'bonded' zones. The main activities of these FTZ’s are warehousing and export processing:

• Fuzhou
•Hainan Haikou
•Shanghai Waigaoqiao
•Tianjin Port
•Xiamen Xiangyu