Preview of SCBC Council

The Syrian-Chinese Business Council has been formed by virtue of decree, no. 3023, dated December 16, 2009, by H.E the Minister of Economy and Trade, aiming to enhance, foster, and develop economical relations between the two peoples. It also boosts communications between the two countries and increases the volume of businesses between the Syrian Arab Republic and The Republic of China. The Council symbolizes the distinguished, brotherly relations between the two peoples stated by the Syrian President’s visit to China on the 22nd of June, 2004. Furthermore, the Council seeks provision of ways and means to activate and develop trade, investments, establish companies and joint projects, giving leverage to economical exchange and avail diverse investments opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The Council’s Mission: 
- Promote Syrian exports to China.
- Promote implementation of Chinese technology in Syria and carry out what really pays off for the two countries.
- Affiliate new members who have a sincere interest in developing and enhancing the Syrian-Chinese economical relations.
- Participating in signing economical treaties and agreements between the two countries.
- Establishing and boosting cooperation relations between Syrian entrepreneurs and their Chinese counterparts by facilitating their participation in the delegations meetings in Syria to exchange and enhance expertise.
- Receiving official Chinese delegations in Syria and bidding them farewell.
- Escorting official delegations to visit China.